Plenary Lectures

Seven plenary lectures will be given by the Nobel Laureates and the Distinguished Scientists on 3-9 August 2018. Each lecture will last 90 minutes, including time for questions and answers. It is mandatory for students to attend all lectures.


Questions and Answers

Questions and answers will involve discussion and exchange of ideas after each Plenary Lecture, with the help of a moderator. As always, the students are encouraged to raise questions and voice their opinions. So hopefully, this session will not only initiate dialogue between our eminent lectures, but also with students in the audience on important scientific issues.


Camp Sessions

The Camp Session provides the opportunity for further discussion or general discussion between Plenary Lecturers or Eminent Scientists and smaller groups of students. Each camp will last 90 minutes, starting with a short presentation by the Plenary Lecturer or Eminent Scientist, which may be an extension of the Plenary Lecture on a general topic. This presentation will be followed by discussion, to promote closer interaction with the speaker. Four Camp Sessions will be held during 3-9August 2018, with each camp having 4 parallel classes.


Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion in ASC 2018 is a discussion between all students and a panel of speakers, and a moderator will conduct the session. The topic will be “Integrated Science to solve world problems”, and each speaker will share their respective thoughts on the topic briefly. This will be held for 90 minutes on Tuesday, 7 August.


Best Question Award

Students are encouraged to ask questions or discuss with lecturers at every scientific session in ASC 2018, namely during the Plenary Lectures, and panel discussion. The Best Question in each session will be selected by the lecturer involved and will be awarded as “ Best Question Award”.


Poster Presentation

Students will be formed into 45 teams, each team consists of 5 students. All members
of the team should work together, particularly in the Group Activity, Poster Preparation, and Poster Presentation Sessions. Each team prepares one poster to be presented at the Poster Pre- sentation session, which will be held on wednesday afternoon, 8 August 2018. The poster should be on the theme and should be drawn by hand on the drawing sheet provided to each team.
Students will be provided with equipment for creating their posters. This includes drawing sheet and writing material. At the Poster Presentation Session, members of each team should stand in front of their poster to present their work and answer questions.


Poster Awards

At the Poster Presentation Session on 8 August 2018, committee members will visit all the posters and listen to student presentations. Then the committee will select the top two posters from each theme for poster awards and rank them for the first and the second prize. The team members of selected posters will be asked to give 5 minutes oral presentations before the closing ceremony on 8 August 2018.

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